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Randy Miller’s Predators in Action is a totally unique, accredited company that specializes in location and studio-trained exotic animals. Our magnificent lions, tigers, leopards, cougars, wolves and grizzly bears appear in films, television, commercials, print advertisement, and live shows. We are also dedicated to educating the public about wild animals and work closely with schools and other non-profit organizations. Predators in Action has trained and supplied the very best animals for both the biggest box-office films and the highest rated television shows ever made.

Randy Miller was the winner of the first World Stunt Academy Award in 2001 for his outstanding work as Russell Crowe's stunt double during the unforgettable tiger attack scenes in "Gladiator". He also worked with Chris Pratt on his role as dinosaur trainer in the blockbuster "Jurassic World." Other well known credits include "Transformers 2", "The Last Samurai", "Semi-Pro", "Two Brothers" and "The Island of Dr. Moreau". Randy and his Predators also make frequent appearances on The National Geographic Channel, The Discovery Channel and Animal Planet.


Randy Miller’s careful conditioning and dedication to his creatures’ mental and physical wellbeing enables him to successfully elicit "fierce" actions and staged attacks from them. While the animals may appear out of control, they’re simply following Randy’s instructions and his method of "Love and Reward" training. During every performance, the ultimate safety measures are created and followed for the trainers, other people on the sets, and for the Predators themselves. Many of our animals are trained to run, jump and climb through our obstacle course. This gives them the skills and conditioning required for any live action work.

Every Predator in Action is hand raised with lots of love and gentle care. As each animal matures, training continues through positive reinforcement. Randy and his staff excel at bringing out natural playful behaviors, and through their method of training, are able to stage attacks. Randy also specializes in controlled wrestling with lions, tigers, and bears without endangering the trainers or animals. Predators In Action also offers non-staged interactions between humans and animals, as well as natural "beauty" sequences and the ability to obtain extreme close-ups for filmmakers and photographers.

When Randy’s Predators in Action animal stars are not preparing or performing, they’re gentle, content and live their lives in the lush pine forest, on hundreds of pristine acres, at their compound at the top of Big Bear Mountain in Southern California. "At home," they’re stimulated, well cared for and they socialize with both humans and other creatures. Predators in Action also welcomes the opportunity to offer private tours. Please contact us via email if you would like to meet the animals.

Randy Miller has raised and trained exotic animals for over 25 years. His animals are affectionate and extremely friendly to him and to visitors. This site has over two hours of video clips that highlight some of Predators In Action award-winning work, including extreme stunts with our lions, tigers and bears. Our business has been built on successfully delivering radical action – because we’ve mastered the technique of training and controlling exotic animals on any and all projects.

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